manuskripte Heft 213/2016 ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR LITERATUR

DANIEL DOUJENIS reads poems by SILKE SCHEUERMANN, MAX SESSNER and JOCELINE ZIEGLER published in number 213/2016 of “manuskripte” on the stage of SCHAUSPIELHAUS GRAZ (HAUS 3):

PRESENTATION OF NUMBER 213/2016 of the Graz literary magazine “manuskripte”at Schauspielhaus Graz (Haus 3) by ALFRED KOLLERITSCH, editor since 1960,  and ANDREAS UNTERWEGER, the newly elected co-editor of this unique publication

CLEMENS J.SETZ: His great new novel “DIE STUNDE ZWISCHEN FRAU UND GITARRE” will be published in September 2015. Watch the trailer for this upcoming book made by SUHRKAMP. The author will read texts from this monumental tome (over 1.000 pages) on September, the 21st, 2015 in the LITERATURHAUS GRAZ marking the season`s opening with the start of a new concept of the program introduced by KLAUS KASTBERGER the new director of the LITERATURHAUS GRAZ:

setz cover