manuskripte Heft 213/2016 ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR LITERATUR

DANIEL DOUJENIS reads poems by SILKE SCHEUERMANN, MAX SESSNER and JOCELINE ZIEGLER published in number 213/2016 of “manuskripte” on the stage of SCHAUSPIELHAUS GRAZ (HAUS 3): PRESENTATION OF NUMBER 213/2016 of the Graz literary magazine “manuskripte”at Schauspielhaus Graz (Haus 3) by ALFRED KOLLERITSCH, editor since 1960,  and ANDREAS UNTERWEGER, the newly elected co-editor of this uniqueContinue reading “manuskripte Heft 213/2016 ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR LITERATUR”

Overview of the new program structure of LITERATURHAUS GRAZ announced on the newly designed website of the house:        Presentation of the mid-summer issue 208/2015  of    MANUSKRIPTE        by ALFRED KOLLERITSCH, the editor of this literary magazine,         and ANDREAS UNTERWEGER, a member of the editorial board.          Cover by HANS EICHHORN http://