“manuskripte 216/2017 – ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR LITERATUR”: Presentation of the midsummer edition by the author and co-editor ANDREAS UNTERWEGER

“manuskripte 216/2017”: Presentation of the latest number of this “Zeitschrift für Literatur” published in Graz


Authors and Books from Graz – KLAUS HOFFER, a member of the legendary GRAZER GRUPPE of writers, introduces a collection of stories by the U.S.-American author LYDIA DAVIS: “Reise über die stille Seite. Stories”(FISCHER TASCHENBUCHVERLAG) at the Literaturhaus Graz. The stories contained in this anthology were originally translated by this outstanding novelist and essayist from Graz and published in single volumes by LITERATURVERLAG DROSCHL in Graz.